Additional Procedures for PCB Projects

Test Solutions

Once you have a viable prototype, you will need to test your product both on the market and in the manufacturing location. Our testing solutions include a wide variety of techniques that will make sure your product does not go to market until it is ready. Finding problems at the front end is what we do best. That way it will save you thousands of dollars in time down the road.

Manufacturing and Distribution

pcb assemblyFinally, the manufacturing and distribution of your product is the final stage of getting your product to the market. Your customers are waiting and they won’t wait forever. You can’t afford to let your competition get ahead of you, while making sure you don’t let any serious mistakes escape your attention during production. Don’t just hire anyone to do this final step. MJS Designs can help you procure and finalize all of the components of your units so that you can get them out to the market in a timely manner.

Intellectual Property Rights

Also you maintain all of the intellectual property rights of your product from start to finish. We are simply the go-between or “middle man” that allows you to produce your units in a much faster method making sure that all components are working together as they should.

We are an entire panel of experts who are dedicated to the successful creation of your envisioned invention from start to finish. Contact us at your earliest convenience to see what we can do for your project and get it going.